Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Captain Swan & Snowing

 photo 1 - wantme_hook.jpg

 photo 1charmings_wt2.jpg
(Texture by Missesglass)

 photo 2 - 1believe_900.jpg

 photo 3 - always_900_dk2.jpg

(Texture by Veredgf)

 photo 4 - killian2_900.jpg

 photo fairest.jpg

 photo perceptive_swan.jpg

 photo 5 - wanted8.jpg

 photo 2charmings_br2.jpg

 photo deserves_gets1.jpg

 photo FIND1.jpg

 photo 6 - day3.jpg

Not too proud of some of these - especially the last one - and for some reason the picture quality of the text doesn't match the original. I'll probably remake it one day, but for now I'm just sick of it. Moving on...


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Of Bookworms and Snow Queens

 photo 900HAPPYENDINGS_zpscb8fe511.jpg
(Rose texture by So-ghislaine and Birds texture by NYVelvet)

 photo sky_900_zps5ca7c78e.jpg
(Texture by So-ghislaine and text by NYVelvet)

 photo isolation_900_zps53adf4a2.jpg
(Flower texture by So-ghislaine)

 photo FATE_lf.jpg
(Clock Texture by Lost-in-Arts)

 photo distance_900_zps1fc012a7.jpg

 photo FATE_bellebl.jpg

 photo letitgo3_zps5d16937a.jpg

 photo sky_900lt_zpsd8a711a9.jpg

 photo FATE_lf2t.jpg

I noticed some stupid mistakes on these... after the fact.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Of Pirates and Highlanders

 photo ahighlander3_zpsa1971fc8.jpg

 photo dopart.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo havetime.jpg
(Textures by Sirius-sdz and Distressed Jewell)

 photo KJ_LenabemaAnna.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo findyou_zpse61fc06c.jpg

 photo wanting_LenabemaAnna.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo waspast_dk.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo wed.jpg
(Texture by ele22)

 photo BEG_zps9a35c09a.jpg

 photo FUTURE2.jpg

 photo ahighlander_lt1.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo everstop3.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna / Heart Texture by Lussier)

 photo everstop.jpg

 photo 900rom1.jpg
(Rose Wallpaper by Inger Harding)

 photo jamie3.jpg

 photo fullregalia.jpg

 photo thewanting_lf2t_br_zps2266345b.jpg

 photo still_2_zps261cb453.jpg

 photo possess_zpse0db032a.jpg

 photo WHATIF_lf2.jpg

 photo findyou2_zpsdcf76ce6.jpg

 photo ROMANTIC2.jpg

 photo FOREVER1.jpg

 photo one_celtic1_zpsdbc50891.jpg

 photo WHATIF.jpg

 photo waspast_dk2.jpg

 photo unwilling_LenabemaAnna.jpg
(Texture by Lenabema Anna)

 photo thepast2cr_lf_zpsc5972640.jpg

 photo ahighlander_zpsdd5b373e.jpg

I am definitely going to improve some of these one day....